Oct 31, 2011

Bloggers Gathering at Z-Classroom

Nice to meet up with bloggers. Yes, last 2 weeks, on 15th Oct, we had a Blogger Gathering in Penang. The gathering was organized by Vin Lim and yourfoodreview.com. It was held at Z-Classroom in Penang Time Square's ground floor. And, thanks to Z-Classroom for sponsoring the venue, drinks and cakes. We had a good time there!

Who is Z-Classroom?
Z-Classroom was opened on 23rd September. The interior design is integrated with the old classroom concept, giving you the feeling of staying in your school. The table design is like school desk and you can request for our so call "liquid paper", and then do what we love to do during school time. Yes, painting the table with your words.

Z-Classroom offers coffee, beer, liquor and cakes. It is a nice place for night gathering especially those who love alcohol. There is also a VIP room and Karaoke room in their second floor.

The operating hour is 12pm to 2am during weekdays and 12pm - 3am during weekends. Currently, they are doing promotion for beer lover which is Buy 1 Free 1 Carlsberg during 12pm - 4pm and Buy 2 Free 1 Carlsberg during 4pm - 9pm.

There is an interesting offer for you, just look at the picture above. Yes, if you dare to put the sexy wear on your body, you will get 1 pitut of Hoegaarden for Free! :)

Logos Hope - The World Largest Floating Bookfair

Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair, visited Penang on her maiden voyage last 2 months! It is currently staying in Kuching until 14th November, and will be visiting Kota Kinabalu on 18th November until 4 December.

Logos Hope offers more than books and features a fully air conditioned deck that is open to the public to explore. The Welcome Experience, will introduces this new vessel through a short movie and various displays. The vessel also offers ice cream, drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy at the International Café. 

With around 45 different nationalities represented on board, the Logos Hope community is regarded as a genuine expression of international goodwill and understanding. The crew and staff are all non-salaried volunteers—including many serving in their professional capacity, such as seafarers, engineers, electricians, nurses, teachers and cooks. Sponsorship from friends, family members and civic organisations enables crewmembers to serve on board.

Logos Hope was constructed in 1973 and first named Gustav Vasa. Originally built as a passenger car ferry, the vessel sailed North Atlantic routes. In 1983, the ship changed hands to the Smyril Line, was renamed Norröna and sailed between the Faroe Islands and Denmark. By 2004 GBA Ships e.V. (previously Good Books for All) had raised sufficient funds to acquire the vessel and she underwent extensive renovations for her new role. The word Logos is Greek, traditionally meaning ´word, thought, principle or speech´.
For more information about Logos Hope, you may visit www.logoshope.org/malaysia...