Nov 23, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Attend TEDxGurneyDrive 2012

Written by Teh Teng Yew, Curator of TEDxGurneyDrive

December 9th, 2012, will be Penang’s inaugural TEDx. Plus, TEDxGurneyDrive will be limit the event to an audience size of 100 and it will be great to list out 10 reasons that people should apply to attend this year.

1. Amazing Presenters: Learn how to break the tradition from a master student on wheelchair. Engagement with the unlimited thoughts and ideas of “make love, not porn” from Cindy Gallop. Listen to a doctor who focusing on dying people with cancer. Follow a guy who is hosting an annual festival to spread cultural like George Town Festival. Plus, there are more brilliant visions and experience presenters to come.

2. Connecting the Dots: An opportunity to understand how the small community such as Penang shapes our lives here. Plus, we’re fortunate to host with an artistic venue like Penang Performing Arts Centre.

3. Interactivity: Half-day event networking and interactivity engagement. You’ll have the opportunity to meet active members of the regional community, allowing you to collaborate for a better future and connect.

4. Inspiration: TEDx participation to empower, inspire, and charge our community by sharing great ideas but inject your brain with something other than the economy, business and politics.

5. Out of the Box: A chance to participate in a worldwide event on a local level. Global reach.

6. We’re not Robbers: TEDxGurneyDrive is organizing by yearly and you could get online passes for an affordable 45 Ringgit Malaysia and of course, we’re welcoming anyone active to attend.

7. “Ideas worth Spreading”: Anyone from the conference comes with ideas, stories and emotions to tell and out of the box to eventually bring a change to it. Thinking big.

8. Have you met a TED speaker?: TEDxGurneyDrive provides an awesome opportunity for you to interact with a TED speaker and people who’ve made change happen. Can you Gallop?

9. We will feed you: TEDx conference needs a break; one of the TEDx rules of organising a TEDx conference is providing awesome food and energy.

10. The theme: It is a gathering or movement for messagers, dreamers, connectors, mind shifters and others to devoted “Be All You Can Be”. The theme of this event is all about be daring and get back your inner courage in order to be creative and think outside the box. Call for Action.

TEDxGurneyDrive 2012 will be takes place on Penang Performing Arts Centre at 9 December, 9am to 3pm.

Official Website:

Aug 17, 2012

Prestashop - Increasing State ISO-Code Length

I believe that many Prestashop users has issue when inserting ISO Code for state due to the character length. Some countries accept 4 character state ISO Code. However, for certain countries like Malaysia, there are 5 character state ISO Code. Hence, I created this random post for solving this problem, guiding you how to increase ISO Code character.

Let's start the action.
Step 1: Update PS_STATE In SQL Database
i. Go to Database in PhpMyAdmin
ii. Search for ps_state
iii. Go to Structure Tab
iv. Select ISO Code and click on Change
v. Insert 5 to Length/Value field and click Save

Step 2: Change The Length of ISO Code Length Validation
i.  Open /classes/State.php with your editor
ii. Go to line #46 (For version 1.4.7 & above)
iii. Change the following code from
protected  $fieldsSize = array('iso_code' => 4, 'name' => 32);
To protected  $fieldsSize = array('iso_code' => 5, 'name' => 32);

Step 3: Change The Regular Express of ISO Code
i. Open /classes/Validation.php 
ii. Go to line #310 (For version 1.4.7 & above)
iii. Change the following code from
static public function isStateIsoCode($isoCode)
 return preg_match('/^[a-z]{1,4}$/ui', $isoCode);
static public function isStateIsoCode($isoCode)
return preg_match('/^[a-z0-9-]{1,5}$/ui', $isoCode);

Step 4: Change The Length Input Textbox 
i. Open admin/tabs/AdminStates.php
ii. Go to line #120  (For version 1.4.7 & above)
iii. Update the size value

<input maxlength="5" name="iso_code" size="5" style="text-transform: uppercase;" type="text" value="'.htmlentities($this->getFieldValue($obj, 'iso_code'), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8').'" /> <sup>*</sup>
'.$this->l('1 to 5 letter ISO code').' ('.$this->l('official list here').')

It is done now!

Jul 5, 2012

It Is Back, TEDxKL!

TEDxKL, the exciting annual conference is back again, it is the 4th TEDx in Kuala Lumpur with the theme of “Interdependence”. 

When: 14 July 2012 (12:30pm to 7.30pm)
Where: Temple of Fine Arts
How Much: RM 100 online and RM 130 walk-in.
To Buy Ticket: Visit

The speakers this year including:
1. Derek Sivers - Entrepreneur and TED Fellow
2. Myshkin Ingawale - Co-Founder of Biosense Technologies and TED Fellow
3. Professor Dr. Ille Gebeshuber - Professor of Physics and Expert in Nanotechnology, Biomimetics & Tribology
4. Jo Kukathas, Artistic Director - Instant Café Theatre and CHAI
5. Zann Huang - Photographer, TIME Magazine & Asian Geographic
6. Wong Siew Te - Sun Bear Conservationist
7. Zurairi AR - Founder of Unscientific Malaysia
8. Kevin Mark Low - Architect, smallprojects
This year 2 TED fellow speakers will be flying all the way to re-live their TED experiences with Kuala Lumpur.

What is TEDx?
x=independently organize event
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self- organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event.

The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

For more infomation about TEDxKL, please visit:

Mar 6, 2012

Winning Young Entrepreneur Award

I made it, winning Think Big Young Entreprenuer Award in Singapore, presented by Canon Singapore and MediaCorp. More than 100 proposals were submitted and  top 20 were selected to present the business proposal to the judges. Surprisingly, I successfully win the Champion with Frambie's business proposal. Thanks to Canon Singapore, MediaCorp, Spring Singapore & NTU for sponsoring total prizes with S$7000 in start-up capital and S$10,000 worth of Canon business products. And, not to forget, thanks to the panel judges and everyone who give me supports. 

I would like to congrats the 1st runner-ups, Bryan Lee & Darrell Zhang from Intraix and the 2nd runner-up, Zhang Weiliang & Joshua Chao from Avetics.

Finally, I would like to invite you to LIKE Frambie's Facebook page at and stay tune for the coming updates! This is really a sweet memory and also a very huge support for my startup, Frambie, I'll work very hard to make sure Frambie to become one of the successful startup in the future! 

About Think Big Young Entrepreneur Awards(YEA)
The YEA is a business competition for budding entrepreneurs aged between 18 to 40. It is organized as part of Canon’s Think Big campaign, which aims to spur innovation among Singapore SMEs and startups and promote the use of the Canon business product line-up, which include printers, scanners, projectors, and multi-function devices.

Judges for this year’s competition includes Andrew Koh, senior director and general manager of Canon Singapore, Foong Ming Lee-Ng, vice-president of Mediacorp, Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street, Dr. Low Lee Yong, CEO of MHC Asia, Michel Birnbaum, partner of iGlobe Partners, Goh Yiping, founder of All Deals Asia, and Kenny Leck, founder of Books Actually.

Feb 9, 2012

Top Five Regrets Of The Dying

I read a news on theguardian recently and found sth very meaningful. Many people have their regrets before dying, and they just can't fulfill the regret at that time. This is a good lesson to young generation like me, so that we dare do what we want and never regret.

An Australian nurse, Bronnie Ware has recorded the most common regrets of the dying and here are the top five regrets, as witnessed by Ware:

1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
"This was the most common regret of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it."

2. I wish I hadn't worked so hard.
"This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children's youth and their partner's companionship. Women also spoke of this regret, but as most were from an older generation, many of the female patients had not been breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence."

3. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings.
"Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others. As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result."

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
"Often they would not truly realise the full benefits of old friends until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them down. Many had become so caught up in their own lives that they had let golden friendships slip by over the years. There were many deep regrets about not giving friendships the time and effort that they deserved. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying."

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.
"This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realise until the end that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called 'comfort' of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to their selves, that they were content, when deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again."

What's your greatest regret so far, and what will you set out to achieve or change before you die?
Let's do it and make no regret before dying! Give yourself permission to express your thoughts and ideas...
Source from

Feb 3, 2012

How Many F Can You Get?

Count how many F in the paragraph and see how many F you get!


Most of the people get 3 Fs for first count! How about you?

Jan 14, 2012

Orang Hock Rojak (a.k.a Black Man Rojak)

Rojak is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Malaysia.

Orang Hock Rojak a.k.a Black Man Rojak is one of the popular fruit rojak in Bukit Mertajam. It is popular with its special recipe rojak sauce. They are offering small, medium and large size rojak, cost RM3.00, RM4.00 or RM5.00 respectively.

Secret Recipe Homemade Rojak Sauce
Besides Rojak, they are selling Rojak sauce too. The brand name is Rojak Orang Hock. It is homemade Rojak sauce with guarded secret recipe, nicely packed in a small plastic tub and the price it RM4.00.

Rojak business is very competitive at Jalan Pasar area. Orang Hock is the first rojak stall in Jalan Pasar. There are White Man Rojak and Black White Man Rojak at the same cross junction.
Business hour: 3.00pm – 10.00pm

View Orang Hock Rojak in a larger map

Jan 9, 2012

DAP's Promo Videos

It's 2012 and the Malaysia General Election is getting near. The social media war never stop after 308, using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs. Both sides are trying hard fighting on new media channels, using creativity to attract the attention of rakyat and convince the rakyat to choose them. They have specific theme for their marketing campaign. When it was 2008, the mandarin theme used by BN was "Zai Zhuan Bian", means Change Again. However, it was like a fail theme.
Recently, I found an interesting and creative election promo video made by DAP. The theme is Bersihkan Malaysia. Through this video, I think we can foresee the 13th GE DAP's campaign theme now.

Title: Ubah Sekarang, Bershikan Malaysia!

The video was used by DAP on social media during 2008. It was the time I started to watch M'sia politic movement. They were using "Just Change" as theme for their marketing campaign, especially on new media's channels.

Title: DAP Voice

Here is another short promo video about Malaysia election made by Youth4Change Malaysia.
Title: Ubah Gaya Hidup

Jan 7, 2012

8 Must Have Friends in Life | 人生要有的八个朋友

1. 推手 - 擅长鼓励,总是会把你推向终点。
2. 支柱 - 总是和你站在同一阵线,支持你的信念。
3. 同好 - 与你兴趣相近的朋友。
4. 伙伴 - 无论如何,当你有需要的时候,他们总是站在你身边。
5. 中介 - 你想要的东西,他们有办法帮你搭起桥梁。
6. 开心果 - 他们总是有办法让你精神大振。
7. 开路者 - 扩展你的视野,鼓励你接受新观念,想法,机会,文化与人们。
8. 导师 - 他们可以给你建议并指导方向。

1. Builder -  Always push you to the end with their strong power of encouragement.
2. Champion - Always stand with you to support your beliefs.
3. Collaborator - Has similar interests with you.
4. Companion - No matter what happen, when you need to, they always stand beside you.
5. Connector - Build the bridge to connect you to something you want.
6. Energizer - They always make you lift your spirit.
7.  Mind Opener - Widen your perspective & encourage you to accept new concepts, ideas, opportunities, culture and people.
8. Mentor - They can give you advice and direction.

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Jan 5, 2012

You See It, Your Children Won't

What comes to your mind when you see this picture?
How about children's mind? They see it differently!
So, what is in their mind? Just watch this video and get the answer... :)

Jan 4, 2012

Bukit Mertajam's Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng

Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng in Bukit Mertajam is my favorite Mee Goreng. The Mee Goreng is fried with their own recipe. It is even delicious when added with sweet & spicy octopus on the top. You may also order coconut drink to complement with the Mee Goreng and enjoying the meal under the tree.

The business was started near to Cherok Tokun Relics, a recreation park for local community. Hence, the Tokun Mee Goreng was named after the place. I tried the food at there when I was very young. After few years, they have moved to the current location.

Besides Mee Goreng, they also serve Mee Kuah Ketam and Pasembur. The Mee Kuah Ketam tastes good too. From my observation, majority customers order either Mee Goreng or Mee Kuah Ketam there, then complement with coconut drink. The price of Mee Goreng has been increased to RM3.50 now, same goes to Mee Kuah Ketam and Pasembur. It used to cost only RM2.50. And, the coconut drink is RM1.40.

Business Hours & Location
They operate from 10.00am to 6.00pm. Their business is good, so you better visit before 5.00pm as the Mee Goreng always finish earlier.The stall can be found easily, it is located at Jalan Kulim, near to St. Anne Church. There is a Caltex petrol station near to the stall. You may refer to the map below to get to the Mee Goreng stall.

View Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng in a larger map
I'm going to write more about foods in Bukit Mertajam, do click on LIKE below if you are interested to follow... :)

Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

If it didn’t Bring you Joy, Just Leave it Behind.
Let’s Ring in the New Year, With Good Things in Mind.
Let Every Bad Memory Go, That Brought Heartache and Pain.
And let’s Turn a New Leaf, With the Smell of New Rain.
Let’s Forget Past Mistakes, Making Amends for This Year.
Sending You These Greetings, To Bring you Hope and Cheer.
Happy New Year 2012!