Jan 4, 2012

Bukit Mertajam's Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng

Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng in Bukit Mertajam is my favorite Mee Goreng. The Mee Goreng is fried with their own recipe. It is even delicious when added with sweet & spicy octopus on the top. You may also order coconut drink to complement with the Mee Goreng and enjoying the meal under the tree.

The business was started near to Cherok Tokun Relics, a recreation park for local community. Hence, the Tokun Mee Goreng was named after the place. I tried the food at there when I was very young. After few years, they have moved to the current location.

Besides Mee Goreng, they also serve Mee Kuah Ketam and Pasembur. The Mee Kuah Ketam tastes good too. From my observation, majority customers order either Mee Goreng or Mee Kuah Ketam there, then complement with coconut drink. The price of Mee Goreng has been increased to RM3.50 now, same goes to Mee Kuah Ketam and Pasembur. It used to cost only RM2.50. And, the coconut drink is RM1.40.

Business Hours & Location
They operate from 10.00am to 6.00pm. Their business is good, so you better visit before 5.00pm as the Mee Goreng always finish earlier.The stall can be found easily, it is located at Jalan Kulim, near to St. Anne Church. There is a Caltex petrol station near to the stall. You may refer to the map below to get to the Mee Goreng stall.

View Haji Mohd Tokun Mee Goreng in a larger map
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