Jan 9, 2012

DAP's Promo Videos

It's 2012 and the Malaysia General Election is getting near. The social media war never stop after 308, using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs. Both sides are trying hard fighting on new media channels, using creativity to attract the attention of rakyat and convince the rakyat to choose them. They have specific theme for their marketing campaign. When it was 2008, the mandarin theme used by BN was "Zai Zhuan Bian", means Change Again. However, it was like a fail theme.
Recently, I found an interesting and creative election promo video made by DAP. The theme is Bersihkan Malaysia. Through this video, I think we can foresee the 13th GE DAP's campaign theme now.

Title: Ubah Sekarang, Bershikan Malaysia!

The video was used by DAP on social media during 2008. It was the time I started to watch M'sia politic movement. They were using "Just Change" as theme for their marketing campaign, especially on new media's channels.

Title: DAP Voice

Here is another short promo video about Malaysia election made by Youth4Change Malaysia.
Title: Ubah Gaya Hidup

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