Dec 19, 2011

Burger King RM1 ala carte Coupons, From Monday to Sunday

Burger King Malaysia is giving out Free coupon. Get RM1.00 ala carte: 
  • French Chicken  on Monday
  • Double Chick 'N Crisp on Tuesday
  • Grilled Chicken on Wednesday
  • 6 pcs of Chicken Tenders on Thrusday
  • 3 pcs of Mozarella Cheese on Friday
  • Whopper Jr® on Saturday
  • BK Fish on Sunday
with purchase of any value meal.

How to Redeem?
- Print the coupons (Click on the coupons below to download), in black & white or color and show it at your nearest Burger King outlet (Except Burger King KLIA).
- Not valid for Burger King Delivery.
* Coupon Valid from 19th December 2011 - 8th January 2012

Oct 31, 2011

Bloggers Gathering at Z-Classroom

Nice to meet up with bloggers. Yes, last 2 weeks, on 15th Oct, we had a Blogger Gathering in Penang. The gathering was organized by Vin Lim and It was held at Z-Classroom in Penang Time Square's ground floor. And, thanks to Z-Classroom for sponsoring the venue, drinks and cakes. We had a good time there!

Who is Z-Classroom?
Z-Classroom was opened on 23rd September. The interior design is integrated with the old classroom concept, giving you the feeling of staying in your school. The table design is like school desk and you can request for our so call "liquid paper", and then do what we love to do during school time. Yes, painting the table with your words.

Z-Classroom offers coffee, beer, liquor and cakes. It is a nice place for night gathering especially those who love alcohol. There is also a VIP room and Karaoke room in their second floor.

The operating hour is 12pm to 2am during weekdays and 12pm - 3am during weekends. Currently, they are doing promotion for beer lover which is Buy 1 Free 1 Carlsberg during 12pm - 4pm and Buy 2 Free 1 Carlsberg during 4pm - 9pm.

There is an interesting offer for you, just look at the picture above. Yes, if you dare to put the sexy wear on your body, you will get 1 pitut of Hoegaarden for Free! :)

Logos Hope - The World Largest Floating Bookfair

Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair, visited Penang on her maiden voyage last 2 months! It is currently staying in Kuching until 14th November, and will be visiting Kota Kinabalu on 18th November until 4 December.

Logos Hope offers more than books and features a fully air conditioned deck that is open to the public to explore. The Welcome Experience, will introduces this new vessel through a short movie and various displays. The vessel also offers ice cream, drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy at the International Café. 

With around 45 different nationalities represented on board, the Logos Hope community is regarded as a genuine expression of international goodwill and understanding. The crew and staff are all non-salaried volunteers—including many serving in their professional capacity, such as seafarers, engineers, electricians, nurses, teachers and cooks. Sponsorship from friends, family members and civic organisations enables crewmembers to serve on board.

Logos Hope was constructed in 1973 and first named Gustav Vasa. Originally built as a passenger car ferry, the vessel sailed North Atlantic routes. In 1983, the ship changed hands to the Smyril Line, was renamed Norröna and sailed between the Faroe Islands and Denmark. By 2004 GBA Ships e.V. (previously Good Books for All) had raised sufficient funds to acquire the vessel and she underwent extensive renovations for her new role. The word Logos is Greek, traditionally meaning ´word, thought, principle or speech´.
For more information about Logos Hope, you may visit

Aug 31, 2011

CSL 3S Center & Dual Sim Andriod Smart Phone

 CSL 3S Center is now opened in Perai. It is located in ground floor of Megamall Penang, in front of McDonalds Restaurant. 3S means sales, services, and support. Hence, you can find out and purchase various CSL phone in this center as well as obtaining technical supports for CSL phone.

Product Review at Life1 Cafe
As a blogger, I was invited to join the opening ceremony and CSL product review. After listening to welcoming speech by founder of CSL Group of Companies, Dato Dr. Eric Chuah, me and my blogger friends moved to Life1 Cafe for CSL product review session. We were served with nice foods prepared by Life1 Cafe like nuggets, omelet, spaghetti, fish chips and fruit juice. At this moment, we were listening to product presentation and trying the features of the CSL Swarovski Series and the Swicth Dual MI350. Everyone was discussing about the phone features, especially the mobile apps featuers.

CSL Swarovski Series
There are four phone models in CSL Swarovski Series which are (BB-Blueberry) BB9200, BB9300, DS900 and G16 (All models are white color). Personally, I think these models and the designs are suitable for ladies, and of course they come together with basic functions. Besides that, there are some interesting social media apps developed by CSL in these models which are Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, MSN and so on. The price is ranging from RM299.00 to RM399.00 only.

The Swicth Dual MI350
It is the 1st Dual Sim Andriod smart phone in Malaysia, equipped with 5MP camera and 3.5”inch LCD Screen. This smart phone can activate both simcard at the same time. Hence, you can retain your current mobile phone for voice call using SIM2 and get the most attractive data package for SIM1. The Andriod platform allows you to download hundred thousand of apps on Andriod market, providing you better entertainment, productivity and so on. And, the price is only RM699.00. It is CSL's mission for every Malaysians to be able to afford a CSL Smartphone.

If you want to know more about CSL products and its detailed specification, you may visit CSL's official website at

CSL Group of Companies
The CSL Group of Companies (CSL) was founded by Dato Dr. Eric Chuah in 1999. Over the past decade it has earned substantial recognition from the Malaysian Government including that of Technology Status Company/Manufacturer by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and by the Ministry of Finance for its pioneering role in the mobile telephone industry and contribution towards economic development consonant with the 9th Malaysia Plan.

Jul 29, 2011

Pulau Aman - Island of Peace

Pulau Aman is a small island in Penang, Malaysia. Famously known as the "Island of Peace", it is a home to a traditional Malay village. There are many interesting places to visit in Pulau Aman such as Jalan Telaga Emas, Batu Perompak and the nearby island of Pulau Gedung. (Source from Wikipedia)

Floating Restaurant (Restaurant Terapung)
There is a popular restaurant in Pulau Aman, and it was built on the sea, called as Floating restaurant. This restaurant is a must-go place in Pulau Aman for having meal. They sell Mee(Noodle) Kuah, Mee Goreng, Kuay Teow Kuah, Kuay Teow Goreng, Bihun and so on. Normal price for those Mee& Kuay Teow Kuah is RM6.00 and RM10.00 for extra prawn.

Seafood Meal
There are plenty of seafoods and the prices are cheap. They are really fresh from the sea around Pulau Aman. Crab & mantis shrimp are always people’s favorite. There is a fishmonger stall selling these seafoods. And, you have to go earlier to grab to seafoods from them, else you gonna wait for a long queue.
After got the seafoods, you gonna send it to Floating Restaurant to cook it with “the only” steam method.

Other Sport Activities
Besides eating, there are sport activities such as sport fishing, jungle trekking and even home stay. However, these activities seem like not really being promoted and not many people know about it.
Pulau Aman has potential to become a popular tourism destination in Penang, however, it needs more creativity and innovation for the development.

Jul 14, 2011

Camera ISO - Sensitivity Towards Light

Camera ISO refers to the camera sensor’s sensitivity towards the light. Normally, we can see ISO100, ISO200, ISO400, ISO640, ISO800 and so on. Light sensitivity increase when the number increase. The higher the sensitivity, the less light is needed to make an exposure. It is very helpful if we are able to control the ISO setting especially during indoor or night shot without flash.

ISO Values For Different Atmosphere
ISO 100 and lower - Excellent quality for brightly lit places, such as in bright sunlight outside. Allows for lots of detail and great image quality.
ISO 200 - Should be generally be used on dull days such as overcast and cloudy, only a tiny bit of noise.
ISO 400 - Great for indoor photography for flash and no flash – best use for high speed photography – but noise can be seen.
ISO 800+ Only really used effectively on high quality digital SLR cameras, most shots taken like this with a small compact camera will look extremely noisy.

How ISO Helps?
i. Increasing Shutter Speed
Higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds. The higher the sensitivity, the less light is needed to make an exposure. Hence, the shutter speed can be increased through increasing ISO value. Appropriate shutter speed allows you to capture the specific moment at the right time without affecting much the image quality.

ii. Reducing Blur For Indoor or Night Shots
We always face insufficient light problem when taking indoor or night shots (without external flash support). Blur occurs in the picture due to the slow shutter speed under low ISO value. Through increasing ISO value, we can get faster shutter speed, and this will directly reduce the probability of image blur.

Disadvantage of High ISO – Creating Noise (Little White Dots)
If we are using very high ISO such as ISO3200 during indoor or night, it helps to increase shutter speed, however the picture quality will be affected because of the noise even though there is noise reduction function in the camera. Hence, ISO value shouldn’t exceed ISO1600 under active noise reduction function.
Noise (White Dots) Occurs When Using Very High ISO Value

* Please note that light painting or car trail photography use lowest ISO in order to create long exposure (slow shutter speed) to capture the long moment and star effect from the light.

Jul 11, 2011

Gunung Jerai - 1,217m Height Mountain

Gunung Jerai, also known as Mount Jerai, formerly Kedah Peak is the highest mountain in Kedah with the height of 1,217 meters. Within Kedah itself, the mountain stands at the border of Kuala Muda and Yan districts. The mountain is a massive limestone outcrop and is a lone feature from the surrounding geography of the area.

I went there with Tiffany last few months, to explore the highest mountain in Kedah. The environment is clean and beautiful, however more creativity and innovation needed to make it even better tourism destination. We had coffee in Kedah Peak restaurant, enjoying the view of Kedah state. There are full of paddy field. If you are there, then you will understand why Kedah is the biggest paddy supplier in Malaysia.

What You Can Do?
Sight-seeing is a must-do activity, standing on the top and viewing the beauty of Kedah Paddy fields. It is a good place for relaxing, suitable family vacation, friends gathering and team building activities. You don’t have to worry about the hot whether there, it is high and cold. Besides that, you can enjoy jungle trekking, trekking from the bottom to the top of the mountain and even camping there.

The Regency Jerai Hill Resort
It is a resort on Gunung Jerai, offering pretty good accommodation service for the guests. There is a restaurant manage by the resort, called Kedah Peak restaurant. They offer buffet lunch. If you are staying in the resort, you can organize a BBQ parties at night. You can organize conference or seminar too, in their conference room, but I think it is not suitable due to the transportation issue. (Tel: 04-466777)

According to Wikipedia, the height of Mount Jerai relative to its surroundings allowed Indian traders and seafarers to use the mountain as a navigational point more than 1500 years ago. The mountain was considered sacred by the ancient Malays so they built temples from the foothills up to the summit. Hindu-Buddhist priests would pray at these stupas for the safety of Bujang Valley, the richest archaeological site in Malaysia located on the southern reaches of the mountain.

Getting There?
If you have GPS device, then you should use it. Using the North South Highway,take the Gurun exit. From Gurun town, turn towards Alor Star. After paying the Toll fees, turn left at the T-junction and drive to the end with another T-junction. Then, turn right to the main road. You can see many homestay ads along the way; find the road sign to The Regency Jerai Hill Resort.
There are 3 major ways to go to the top of the mountain. You can drive (own transport) to the top or request for transportation service from The Regency Jerai Hill Resort. If you love jungle trekking, you may explore the Gunung Jerai Forest with a group of friends and reach to the top.

Map (Gurun Exit - Gunung Jerai)

View Larger Map

Jun 11, 2011

Curiosity About

Web and social media are part of my interests. Besides reviewing about commercial web project, I think I need to know more about the government web project. Hence, I take this opportunity to review Malaysia government's web project, or

When I read the news about RM1.4million web portal for consumers, I think it is a good move to help the rakyat and consumers maximizing the values from their spending. However, as a consumer, the really disappointed me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to criticize this project.

Issues & Questions:
1. Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry already owned Smart Consumer Portal ( since 2009, it is a consumer portal which serves as almost the same role with So, why they still spent RM1,400,000 to develop a new one instead of improving the Smart Consumer Portal?

2. The minister claimed that they have 3.5 million hits last 2 days (source from newspaper) and caused the website “teething problem”. However, the registered users in are only 2903 (1.20pm, 11/6/2011). Besides that, through their social media links inside, they have only 88 channel views on YouTube, 23 followers on Twitter, 142 Facebook friends (Not Facebook Page). Trying to be optimistic, total up the number, it is even less than 0.001% from 3,500,000 hits. So, is it logic to have 3.5 million hits?

3. The latest news zone in, they are not fully consumer–related news. Those are only link to’s news. The website footer has poor alignment too and also poor integration with social media like Facebook. We can see it is not professional enough and should it cost RM1.4million?

Curiosity About The Contractor Company – Sand Consulting Sdn Bhd
According to TheStarOnline (, the contractor is Sands Consulting Sdn Bhd ( I visited their official website, they are just using open source Joomla (I used that template before) to build their website instead of developing it with own web expertise. After reading their history, I realized that it is a 9 year old company in Malaysia.

Sand Consulting’s History
Sands Consulting is a 100% Bumiputra status company incorporated in March 21, 2002 under The Companies Act 1965 of Malaysia with the registration number of 574596-M. Since then the Company has channeled substantial resources towards developing its main activity, which to provide solutions and products from plain network cabling to complex multi-systems integration.

Through the “Reach To Us” zone on the website right bottom, I click on their Twitter(!/sands) and YouTube channel (, trying to follow them on Twitter. 3 followers on its Twitter is not the issue, but their official website on Twitter account. It is!/sands

According to their About Us: “Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE: LVS) is the leading global developer of destination properties (integrated resorts) that feature premium accommodations, world-class gaming and entertainment, convention and exhibition facilities, celebrity chef restaurants, and many other amenities.”

So, are they tech company or properties developer? Are they Malaysia company or US company registered in Malaysia?

Regarding to their YouTube channel, it is better for you to see yourself at

There are a lot of criticisms to It is a RM1,400,000 project, 100 x RM14,000. This amount can fund many quality youth projects or for aspiring entrepreneurs to implement start up their small business, helping many people in Malaysia. Hence, it is logic to see many Malaysian feel angry, feel frustrated, feel disappointed with
The "issues and questions" section are just my opinion, doesn't mean to criticize anyone. 

Jun 7, 2011

Startup Weekend Malaysia 2011

I participated in Startup Weekend Malaysia last month. Thanks for the ticket sponsorship from MDEC &, I was able to join for free. The event was organized by Global Entrepreneurship Sdn Bhd, and it was held at UniRazak, Kuala Lumpur.

What Is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable.  On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.

Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

We had a pitching session on the 1st night, many participants including me have pitched the business ideas. After the pitching session, there were voting session to select top 10 ideas. And unfortunately, my idea was not in top 10 list. Then, I decided to join a social entrepreneurship team with totally 13 people in the team. As a entrepreneurship student and a SIFEr, I'll always support social entrepreneurship, it was quite fun when we can discuss about how to help people through entrepreneurship. 4 of my teammates were the champion of Digi Social Challenge, and we were working on their social entrepreneurship idea – MyOneVillage.

MyOne Village is a social entrepreneur group creating a knowledge and service-based platform, aspiring to elevate the wealth of the poor by match making with the needs of the urbanites. During Startup Weekend, we focused on starting niche tour agency-like operation targeting at primary school children to visit unexplored rural areas.

Although we are not really start the business, the experience was really cool when working as a team to build business startup with a good business model. Together we discuss, we argue for better decision, and building better friendship among us!

MyOneVillage Website Interface Upper Part

Win an iPad Through Social Shout Contest
There was a contest by Social Shout ( on the third day. All the participants were joining the contest, competiting for highest ranking. Participants just have to login through their various social media account (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare), and the socialshout engine will calculate the activities on social media. I was a lucky one and I’m consider as a active user in social media, I got the highest after submitted my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube information. Hence, I won an iPad, a cool device which will increase my daily productivity and efficiency.

Networking Opportunities With Mentors
The startup teams were mentored by different professional mentors such as Peter Tam from Microsoft Malaysia, Wayne Lim from SME Malaysia, Renuka Sena from Proficeo, Venture Capitalist Chok Kwee Bee and so on. It was a great experience when listening to the mentors’ advice as we are still new to business. However, I think is even more important to have the networking opportunities, so that we can continue to get good advice and instruction in the future.

Startup Weekend Malaysia(KL) 2011 Event Group Photo

There are some interesting online tools or resources recommended by Startup Weekend (eg. Customer Development, Traffic research, Forms/Surveys, Personal storage, Survey tools, Ads platforms and so on) which can help your startup, just click on this link:

Wanna know more about Startup Weekend?
Do check out their website at or

May 29, 2011

My Experience with SONY Cyber-shot

2006 -the year I started to touch Digital photography, it was started with SONY Cyber-shot, DSC-S600! It was an amazing 1st time experience when we could use a camera device to take pictures and view the output instantly, even delete the unwanted picture by just one click.

Form 6 life and BBQ like kampung kia

From 2006 until 2008, it has helped me to take a lot of nice pictures, keeping many nice memories during Form 6 and the first year in University such as school mate gathering pictures, vacations pictures and so on.
Besides that, during the vacation to Pulau Langkawi (2008), a good friend of mine, r Zhe was using SONY Cyber-shot too. He was using DSC-T50 Model. It was great to have a partner using SONY Cyber-shot as we could discuss about the features and digital photography together!

1st year in UUM: 2 vacations to Cameron Highland and Pulau Langkawi

During 2009, my university roommate, Kok Seng bought a new SONY Cyber-shot, T2! This is a cool device with slim camera body, touch screen, and build in software function.
I borrowed his camera few times, taking a lot of activity pictures especially SIFE UUM events.

2nd year in UUM: Founded SIFE UUM together with my aspiring teammates

In the same year, my girlfriend’s sister bought a SONY Cyber-shot, DSC S-750! And, I used to play with it always as my girlfriend bringing it together when we have dating. This device has taken many nice pictures for me and my girlfriend.

Life with Tiffany Lo

I had a great experience with SONY Cyber-shot along my life, even today I’m using SONY DSLR Alpha-200 model! 
I’m proud to say that 99% of the digital images in my computer were taken by SONY Cyber-shot and SONY Alpha, and always have some great times browsing those nice memories!

Apr 27, 2011

TEDxGurneyDrive, 30th April

TEDx, an independently organized TED event is coming to Penang.

Yea, it is TEDxGurneyDrive, with The Island as the theme, featuring 9 speakers from different age and background. On Saturday, April 30thTEDxGurneyDrive: The Island will bring the experience of technology, entertainment and design to shape the Penang community with the powerful inspiration ideas. This local self-organized event will be create a new platform for the Penang sharpest thinkers and visionaries to inspire and become TED community. The memorable event will be held at Wawasan Open University Main Campus Theatre 2. The event will start from 8.30am to 2.00pm.

What Is TED?

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California 25 years ago, TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. The annual TED Conference invites the world’s leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes. Their talks are then made available, free, at TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Isabel Allende and UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The annual TED Conference takes place in Long Beach, California, with simulcast in Palm Springs; TEDGlobal is held each year in Oxford, UK. TED’s media initiatives include, where new TEDTalks are posted daily, and the Open Translation Project, which provides subtitles and interactive transcripts as well as the ability for any TEDTalk to be translated by volunteers worldwide. TED has established the annual TED Prize, where exceptional individuals with a wish to change the world are given the opportunity to put their wishes into action; TEDx, which offers individuals or groups a way to organize local, independent TED-like events around the world; and the TEDFellows program, helping world-changing innovators from around the globe to become part of the TED community and, with its help, amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities.

TED Website:
TEDxGurneyDrive Website:
Join TEDxGurneyDrive On Facebook:

Apr 16, 2011

Some Chatting Short Form; Part 1

AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFK - Away From Keyboard
ASAP - As Soon As Possible

BAS - Big A$$ Smile
BBL - Be Back Later
BBN - Bye Bye Now
BBS - Be Back Soon
BEG - Big Evil Grin
BF - Boyfriend
BIBO - Beer In, Beer Out
BRB - Be Right Back
BTW - By The Way
BWL - Bursting With Laughter

C&G - Chuckle and Grin
CICO - Coffee In, Coffee Out
CID - Crying In Disgrace
CNP - Continued (in my) Next Post
CP - Chat Post(a chat message)
CRBT - Crying Real Big Tears
CSG - Chuckle Snicker Grin
CYA - See You (Seeya)
CYAL8R - See You Later (Seeyalata)
DLTBBB - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

EG - Evil Grin
EMSG - Email Message
FC - Fingers Crossed
FTBOMH - From The Bottom Of My Heart

FYI - For Your Information
FWIW - For What It's Worth

GAL - Get A Life
GF - Girlfriend
GFN - Gone For Now
GMBA - Giggling My Butt Off
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
GTSY- Glad To See You

H&K - Hug and Kiss
HABU - Have A Better 'Un
HAGN - Have A Good Night
HAGU - Have A Good 'Un
HHIS - Hanging Head in Shame
HUB - Head Up Butt

IAE - In Any Event
IC - I See
IGP - I Gotta Pee
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
IMCO - In My Considered Opinion
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IOW - In Other Words
IRL - In Real Life

IWALU - I Will Always Love You
JMO - Just My Opinion
JTLYK - Just To Let You Know

Mar 7, 2011

8 Secrets of Success

I have watched an interesting video in TED - 8 Secrets of Success!
This video has answered many people's question - How to success?

I always heard people ask: How to success? How to be a successful people?
Of course, I always ask this question too.
I think that's not easy, there must be some common criteria among the success people.

Recently, I have interviewed some local successful entrepreneurs from printing and advertising industry. When listening to their success stories, very interesting, they have the common personality and attitude too!
I believe that many people already knew it, but not many people really apply it to their life... 

Resource from
So... Why do people succeed?
Is it because they're smart?
Or are they just lucky?
Neither. Analyst Richard St. John condenses years of interviews into an unmissable 3-minute slideshow on the real secrets of success.

The 8 secrets are:
1.Passion  2.Work  3.Focus  4.Persist  5.Ideas  6.Good  7.Push  8.Serve

Do watch the video and we gonna practice it in our life!

*Remarks: Personally I think the question of "How to be rich" is different with "How to success", do get the right objective of the question...

Feb 15, 2011

Meaningful Lesson - The Last Lecture

I received an email from Elley with subject "The Last Lecture"! After reading it, I found that it is meaningful for our live, and hence published it here!

From: 47 yrs old, A computer Sc. lecturer from Mellon University died of pancreatic cancer in 2008, but wrote a book "The Last Lecture" before then, one of the bestsellers in 2007. What a legacy to leave behind…
In a letter to his wife Jai and his children, Dylan, Logan, and Chloe, he wrote this beautiful "guide to a better life" for his wife and children to follow. May you be blessed by his insight.

Points On How To Improve Your Life
1. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
2. Don't have negative thoughts of things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment
3. Don't over do; keep your limits
4. Don't take yourself so seriously; no one else does
5. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip
6. Dream more while you are awake
7. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need..
8. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner of his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
9. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don't hate others.
10. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present
11. No one is in charge of your happiness except you
12. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
13. Smile and laugh more
14. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

15. Call your family often
16. Each day give something good to others
17. Forgive everyone for everything
18. Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6
19. Try to make at least three people smile each day
20. What other people think of you is none of your business
21. Your job will not take care of you when you are sick. Your family and friends will. Stay in touch.

22. Put GOD first in anything and everything that you think, say and do.
23. GOD heals everything
24. Do the right things
25. However good or bad a situation is, it will change
26. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up
27. The best is yet to come
28. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful
29. When you awake alive in the morning, thank GOD for it
30. If you know GOD you will always be happy. So, be happy.

While you practice all of the above, share this knowledge with the people you love, people you school with,
people you play with, people you work with and people you live with. Not only will it enrich YOUR life, but also that of those around you...