Sep 28, 2010

Nelson's Cafe in Universiti Utara Malaysia

I’m taking Franchising Business subject this semester! And, recently I and my group members are doing an assignment regarding to franchise business.

We have to visit one of the franchisee, interview him or her and prepare a report for our lecturer.

We have chosen Nelson’s Café in Universiti Utara Malaysia. Before Hari Raya, we interviewed the franchisee of Nelson’s Café in UUM, Mr. Ooi Ghee Keong.

I believe that many students can’t have their meal in Nelson’s Café after Hari Raya holidays; some people don’t know why they have closed down for many days! Since we’ve interviewed them, so we get to know that their tender contract (2007-2010) of the location in UUM has expired. As a result, they have to stop Nelson’s Café business.

It is a favorite café for some students, for meeting, for group discussion, for gathering and so on! And, now we have no chance to enjoy the foods and beverage served by Nelson’s Café in UUM!

To let more people know more about the history Nelson’s Café in UUM and Nelson’s in Malaysia, I have uploaded my presentation slide to share with everyone!

Nelson’s Corporate Video

Sep 22, 2010

High Profit or Go Green?

While we are encouraging people to Go Green, reduce plastic bottle, my Entrepreneurship Seminar lecturer encourage us to run a mineral water business which can sell around 1000 mineral water per day with a very high profit margin! (I'm not critiquing but this really makes me angry)

I agreed that the cost is low for a plastic bottle mineral water, but imagine that 1000 wasted bottles per day, 30000 plastic bottles per month! 

It has a big negative impact on the environment, and it is not encourage people to practice eco-friendly! I still stand stand with my opinion, entrepreneurs have the responsibility to take care of the environment, don't you think so?

Maybe my lecturer should change another way, how to innovate the mineral water, make it eco-friendly while it is still profitable...
In my opinion, Environmental Sustainability should be included on entrepreneurship education to create more social responsibility business leaders!
The Impact of climate change is higher than World War! It is about our future, and the future of our next generation! Hence, everyone has the responsibility to take care of the environment! 

The awareness should has more increment, not only "say and know", but the real action to Green it!

Sep 18, 2010

Blogfest Asia

Blogfest Asia is coming to Malaysia. It is a big event for the bloggers around Asia. This is the region’s 2nd cross-border gathering for blogger community. Everyone is welcome to join the festival and meet hundreds of bloggers from the neighborhood community. Participants will be able to learn blogger / blogging activities in perspective countries / territories, and interact with key bloggers in Asia.
When and where is the event?
Date: 1st – 3rd Octorber 2010
Venue: Wawasan Open University, Penang, Malaysia
There are some talk about blogging on the 2nd and 3rd days! I believe it is very useful for bloggers and online users as well!
For more information or inquiries, you may visit Blogfest Asia official website or send them feedback through the website!
I have registered to attend the event, hopefully I can learn more about the blogging and the trend , interacting the bloggers around Asia through the event!

Sep 17, 2010

How to Invite All Friends In facebook

Have you create a page, event or group in facebook? Or doing social media marketing in facebook...
If you have done these, you must have the experience of suggesting or inviting people to join or like the page, event or group.
Because if you have 800 friends in your facebook friend list, you have to mouse click 800 times to select all your friends and invite all of them to join or like your page, event or group! And try to imagine, some people have more than 3000 friends, they have to click 3000 times in order to select all, it is very time consuming!
But, don’t worry, there is a solution for you! You can invite all friends in your friend list with just some simple steps! It is so efficient!
Follow my simple steps and you will learn new thing!
1. Look at the javascript below, it is a Java programming language! Select all and copy it…
javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}
2. Open you facebook page, event or group!
For example, (LIKE the page before invite your friends to LIKE)
3. Click on Invite or Suggest friends to like, attend or join your page, event or group. Wait for the friend list box to Pop-Up until it has finished loading.
4. Paste the Javascript which you have copy just now on your web browser address bar and press ENTER
5. You can see your friend list Pop-Up box, all your friends have been selected. You can click on Invite, or Send now!

You have successfully invite or suggest to all your friends! The mission accomplished!
If you are using Google Chrome Browser, you can try this extension: Facebook Invite ALL!
Congratulation! You have learned a new skill in facebook and do share it with your friends… ^ ^

1MIT Video Production

Finally my team, ChiliPadi has produced the videos for 1 Malaysia Innovation Tournament 2010. We have taken a bigger challenge, produced 2 videos for the competition.
1st Video is “Dare or Not Reality Show”
2nd Video is “Funniest Chili Inspiration”

I would like to give a big thanks to:
1. Aaron Lee, Venus Look, Kelvin Khaw, Carol Gan for acting in the video.
2. All friends who help us to promote the videos and increase the number of view in YouTube.
3. All friends who give us good ideas for the video.
4. All the supporters who view and like our videos, and giving feedback as well.
5. My teammates, So Yin and Chin Yin who have give a lot of efforts in 1MIT video production and promotion.
Glad to see UUM has 5 participating teams! The result is coming soon, good luck to all participating teams and us… ^ ^

OSK Investment Challenge

Participated on OSK Investment Challenge recently, it is held by OSK, a virtual investment game for college and university students. All participants were given RM100,000 game credits to trade in the investment challenge game. The game period is from August to October, it is a very good game for the students to learn about investment in Malaysia / KLSE, being explored to investment knowledge! I believe that it can train many future investors!
How to participate? You just need to visit and register a new account! After that, you can start the transaction!
There is on thing that many people do not know which is the Trading PIN of the game, it has caused many people can trade in the game! The trading PIN is “oskic1”!
Through this Investment Challenge, we are able to learn how to calculate the buying and selling price of a company share, how to buy and sell company share, how to get the news about a company share!
However, to become a professional investor, there are more to learn, you have to analyze the industry, the company, the volume, movement of market oversea and so on!
And here are some basic knowledge for you to invest.

How to calculate BUYING price:
1 Lot = 100 unites
SOGOSG (Sogo Studio Group) Buying Price/Unit: RM1.040
Buying Lots: 50
Processing fees (Including Brokerage fees): 0.42%
The Buying Price (Before Processing Fees): 50 (Lots) x 100 (Units) x 1.040 = RM5200
Processing Fees: 5200 x 0.42% =RM21.84
The Actual Buying Price (Including Processing Fees): RM5200 + RM21.84 = RM5221.84

How to calculate SELLING price:
SOGOSG Selling Price/Unit: RM1.060
Selling Lots: 50
Processing fees (Including Brokerage fees): 0.42%
The Selling Price (Before Processing Fees): 50 (Lots) x 100 (Units) x 1.060 = RM5300
Processing Fees: 5300 x 0.42% =RM22.26
The Actual Selling Price (Including Processing Fees): RM5300 – RM22.26 = RM5277.74
So, if you buy SOGOSG (Sogo Studio Group) market share for 50 Lots at RM1.040/unit, and sell 50 Lots at RM1.060/unit, your earning will be
RM5277.74 – RM5221.84 = RM55.90

What you need to memorize are:
1 Lot = 100 Units Share
Processing Fees for Buying Online= 0.42%

It is very easy to calculate buying and selling price, you just need to do some exercise or practice, and knowing the processing fees!
In the future, you may visit OSK Investment Bank to buy the favorite company market shares with your own money which you think its value can increase in the future!
Good luck!