Sep 22, 2010

High Profit or Go Green?

While we are encouraging people to Go Green, reduce plastic bottle, my Entrepreneurship Seminar lecturer encourage us to run a mineral water business which can sell around 1000 mineral water per day with a very high profit margin! (I'm not critiquing but this really makes me angry)

I agreed that the cost is low for a plastic bottle mineral water, but imagine that 1000 wasted bottles per day, 30000 plastic bottles per month! 

It has a big negative impact on the environment, and it is not encourage people to practice eco-friendly! I still stand stand with my opinion, entrepreneurs have the responsibility to take care of the environment, don't you think so?

Maybe my lecturer should change another way, how to innovate the mineral water, make it eco-friendly while it is still profitable...
In my opinion, Environmental Sustainability should be included on entrepreneurship education to create more social responsibility business leaders!
The Impact of climate change is higher than World War! It is about our future, and the future of our next generation! Hence, everyone has the responsibility to take care of the environment! 

The awareness should has more increment, not only "say and know", but the real action to Green it!

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