Sep 17, 2010

1MIT Video Production

Finally my team, ChiliPadi has produced the videos for 1 Malaysia Innovation Tournament 2010. We have taken a bigger challenge, produced 2 videos for the competition.
1st Video is “Dare or Not Reality Show”
2nd Video is “Funniest Chili Inspiration”

I would like to give a big thanks to:
1. Aaron Lee, Venus Look, Kelvin Khaw, Carol Gan for acting in the video.
2. All friends who help us to promote the videos and increase the number of view in YouTube.
3. All friends who give us good ideas for the video.
4. All the supporters who view and like our videos, and giving feedback as well.
5. My teammates, So Yin and Chin Yin who have give a lot of efforts in 1MIT video production and promotion.
Glad to see UUM has 5 participating teams! The result is coming soon, good luck to all participating teams and us… ^ ^

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