Sep 17, 2010

OSK Investment Challenge

Participated on OSK Investment Challenge recently, it is held by OSK, a virtual investment game for college and university students. All participants were given RM100,000 game credits to trade in the investment challenge game. The game period is from August to October, it is a very good game for the students to learn about investment in Malaysia / KLSE, being explored to investment knowledge! I believe that it can train many future investors!
How to participate? You just need to visit and register a new account! After that, you can start the transaction!
There is on thing that many people do not know which is the Trading PIN of the game, it has caused many people can trade in the game! The trading PIN is “oskic1”!
Through this Investment Challenge, we are able to learn how to calculate the buying and selling price of a company share, how to buy and sell company share, how to get the news about a company share!
However, to become a professional investor, there are more to learn, you have to analyze the industry, the company, the volume, movement of market oversea and so on!
And here are some basic knowledge for you to invest.

How to calculate BUYING price:
1 Lot = 100 unites
SOGOSG (Sogo Studio Group) Buying Price/Unit: RM1.040
Buying Lots: 50
Processing fees (Including Brokerage fees): 0.42%
The Buying Price (Before Processing Fees): 50 (Lots) x 100 (Units) x 1.040 = RM5200
Processing Fees: 5200 x 0.42% =RM21.84
The Actual Buying Price (Including Processing Fees): RM5200 + RM21.84 = RM5221.84

How to calculate SELLING price:
SOGOSG Selling Price/Unit: RM1.060
Selling Lots: 50
Processing fees (Including Brokerage fees): 0.42%
The Selling Price (Before Processing Fees): 50 (Lots) x 100 (Units) x 1.060 = RM5300
Processing Fees: 5300 x 0.42% =RM22.26
The Actual Selling Price (Including Processing Fees): RM5300 – RM22.26 = RM5277.74
So, if you buy SOGOSG (Sogo Studio Group) market share for 50 Lots at RM1.040/unit, and sell 50 Lots at RM1.060/unit, your earning will be
RM5277.74 – RM5221.84 = RM55.90

What you need to memorize are:
1 Lot = 100 Units Share
Processing Fees for Buying Online= 0.42%

It is very easy to calculate buying and selling price, you just need to do some exercise or practice, and knowing the processing fees!
In the future, you may visit OSK Investment Bank to buy the favorite company market shares with your own money which you think its value can increase in the future!
Good luck!

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