Apr 22, 2013

PRU13 Political Parties' Theme Songs

So the 13th Malaysia General Election is here and we can see all parties and even Rosmah are trying hard to be creative in order grab more votes from young and first time voters. Recently, there are many videos on Facebook & YouTube promoting their theme and vision of their parties. I have found some videos and posted them here.

No doubt, some videos are very funny. They can be the best entertainment during this election!

MCA PRU13 Promo Song - Love Is In The Air

DAP PRU13 Theme Song - Ubah

Ubah Rocket Style

Which one is better? The simple conclusion we can do: The side with more creative talents can build a greater team, to do a better work and to deliver a better result. As for election, of course, we can't simply judge everything with just watching these videos.

Bonus: Rosmah Mansor Singing "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

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