Nov 3, 2010

Steamboat Buffet (Danok, Thailand)

There are two Steamboat Buffet in Danok, their shop is just side-by-side, and I have visited one of them!

Krua Kung Pao Steamboat Buffet
This is another recommended place for Danok (Thailand) visitors.

What means Cheap and Big? This restaurant can show it to you!
This Steamboat Buffet cost you only RM9.90 per person ($99.00 in Thailand Currency), drinks are not included. It is much more cheaper compared to around RM17-RM25 per person in Malaysia.
Self-service – You take your foods and you cook yourself.

They almost have all the basic foods for steamboat meal such as fish, prawn, beef, chicken, lamb, different kind of vegetable, and so on. Ais-Kacang is a part of the steamboat buffet too.

Since it is steamboat buffet, it means that the foods are unlimited for you. You can just eat until you are full, and eat more until you cannot eat anymore. Of course, you cannot waste the foods, if you take extra and cannot finish it, they will charge according to the weight. So, make sure you take only what you want to eat.

It is quite interesting when you are not using gas but using carbo for the fire. The waiter will help you to set up the fire for cooking purpose.

There are two types of cooking method.
One is traditional steamboat cooking style, means you put all your foods into the hot soup. Then, you enjoy it after the foods are cook and hot.
Another one is fried, or some people call it BBQ. I believe that people have already familiar with this method too. Put the butter (Malaysian call it Planta) on the top. Then, fried your foods with the butter.

* Just a reminder to first time visitor, the drinks are quite expansive. Do ask the price before you order it. If not mistaken, they charge for an expansive price for the ice too.

So, how to get there?
Going to Krua Kung Pao Steamboat Restaurant is easier compared to Water View Restaurant. You do not need to get any transport, you just need to walk for around 10 minutes after you enter Thailand zone.
So, this is the guide. Using North-South Highway, and heading to North until the end of Malaysia zone. After you pass the Malaysia-Thailand Kastam, your are now at Danok area (Thailand Zone). Stick to the left of the street and walk for around 2 minutes.
7-Eleven outlets is your Marking. There are few 7-Eleven outlets (I also don’t know why there are so many). Walk along the left side of the street, and look for the second 7-Eleven outlets. It is beside PP Hotel.
Beside the second 7-Eleven outlets, there is a T-Junction. Turn left to enter the junction and heading straight until the end. You can see Krua Kung Pao Steamboat Restaurant there.

*Search in Google Maps if you don’t know where is Danok.

Next post will be about 7-Eleven at Thailand. Stay tuned…