Nov 12, 2010

Legendary Nasi Lemak in Changloon

I heard about there is a very nice Nasi Lemak stall at Changloon since semester two. Finally, I tried it in my final semester that means after two years.

So, what is the “Legend”?
What I heard about the Legendary Nasi Lemak is:
The Nasi Lemak is very very delicious and their business is very good. You have to go around 5am morning to eat. The Nasi Lemak will be sold out after 6am. If you go after 6am, then please come on the next day.
After hearing the legend, normally people will say “Is it really so delicious? I must try it one day, but can I wake up?!”

The Nasi Lemak smells good, taste good too. However, about the add-on foods for Nasi Lemak, some of them are delicious, some are not. It tastes too salty. For girls, they may don’t like it because it is fat (lemak) for them, can only try a little bit in order to take care of their body shape.

I asked the boss, what is the time your stall open? And, this is the fact. The boss told me that they open at 5am until 3pm, the best time you come to eat Nasi Lemak is 6am because they will prepare more foods for Nasi Lemak. Besides Nasi Lemak, they are selling Roti Canai too. That means it is not closed at 6am and Nasi Lemak will not sold out at 6am. I found that most of the customers are UUM students especially Malay students.

Where is the Nasi Lemak Stall?
First of all, please don’t go on Friday, they do not open on Friday.
The stall is located on the way from Universiti Utara Malaysia to Changloon Town. It is about the middle of these two places. If you depart from UUM, it is on your left.
Once you pass EDC hotel, drive around 2-3 minutes ahead. There is a 30 degree junction. It is the first stall after enter the junction. If you go at 6am, I think it is the only stall open, you should have seen them since they turn on the light. After enjoying the Nasi Lemak breakfast, it's time to see sunrise!
*Refer to the picture below, so you can have some idea on how it looks like. It is the Nasi Lemak stall. The picture was taken at 6.30pm. It will be safe if your survey the place before you go!

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