Nov 9, 2010

Thai Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Personally I not really tried KFC at Thailand, just visited once and watching my friends enjoying the KFC meal!
According to my friends, Malaysia KFC is more delicious! Maybe it has been adjusted to suite Malaysian taste! KFC at Thailand taste different compared to Malaysia due to the same reason – demographic and cultural different.  The taste has been adjusted to suite Thailand people’s taste too.

The chicken is smaller, the packaging design are different, the language used, the rounded square plate and also the way of eating KFC meal! While we (Malaysian) are using hand when eating KFC chicken, Thailand KFC provides their customer fork and knife to eat the chicken.

According to my franchise lecturer, Malaysia KFC was using almost the same method in early year, it was like western foods restaurant. The way to eat KFC was like eating chicken chop, and there were waiter or waitress serving you in KFC outlet. Due to longer customer turnover time, KFC Malaysia decided to educate their customers to use hand. Hence, they can finish their meal faster.
So, if you go to Danok, you can visit KFC, and experience the foods and environment. It will be a good experience to see how the same brand and business operate in different country.

How to get there (KFC @ Danok)?
KFC is very near to Malaysia-Thailand Kastam. Once you pass the Kastam and enter to Danok (Thailand). Then, you can walk for around 1 minutes to north. You can see a big KFC signboard there (*refer to the photo on top)! It is very easy to go.


  1. Looks delicious. Even a full tummy can be hungry with those food! Sounds interesting, Ray. Guess it'd be a unique experience visiting KFC in different places.

  2. Yea.. it will be a good experience! See how the MNC run their business in different countries!

  3. Finger licking good!
    Yeah it adjusted based on local peoples.
    For Malay and India eat rice using hand is part of their life.
    Idk about Thai peoples but may be Malaysian like big goods at low price. Some of them not even considering the quality and effect to their health.
    This is just my point of views. ;)

  4. That's demographic factor we need to consider when entering new market especially F&B industry... ^ ^

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