Nov 15, 2010

I Love Yoo!

I’m taking Franchising Management subject this semester. During the presentation period, there was a group interview I Love Yoo in Sunway Carnival Mall, and presenting about I Love Yoo in the class. I just realized this brand and restaurant, it is a franchise business too. After few weeks, I visited Sunway Carnival Mall, then looking for I Love Yoo to taste their foods.

The core product of I Love Yoo is You Tiao, Chinese food, some people call it Yau Zha Guai (Cantonese), and it is bread stick. Normally, You Tiao is breakfast food, eat together with porridge.

Beside You Tiao, they are selling Butterfly Bun, Fried Bun, Sesame Ball and Mix Bun. The price is RM1.40 per pack.

There are also Dry Scallop Porridge and Dry Oyster Peanut Porridge, the price is RM2.90 per pack.

You can try the You Tiao + Porridge package or You Tiao + Soya Drink package. The price is RM3.90.

The beverage include Tau Fu Fa, Soya Drinks, Liong Fun, Hainan Coffee and White Coffee.

The foods are delicious and prices are not too expansive, you can have a try there. I suggest that you can visit with a group of friends, so that you can order more different foods and taste all of it.

How to go?
For penangites, there are outlets at Sunway Carnival Mall lower ground floor and Queensbay Mall too.
If want to know about the other outlets in other places, you may check out at their website. Click here!

The following funny video is the Ah Beng You Tiao Production in I Love Yoo!.

Visit the official website of I Love Yoo if you want to know more.
This is the website address: