Nov 6, 2010

Thai 7-Eleven at Danok

7-Eleven at Thailand is different with 7-Eleven in Malaysia. Yea, they are 24 hours retail outlets, but some products and services are different due to the different culture and demographic in the both country.

When you enter the 7-Eleven outlets in Danok, you can feel the different. People are talking in Thai language. The products packaging and price tags are using Thai language and only some English words. The magazine, DVD and menu as well, using Thai language. You can even watch Ip Man talking in Thai language! However, for foods menu, they have English words. So you can understand. If you still don’t understand, then you gonna use your finger to point the things you want.
Besides that, 7-Eleven outlets in Danok sell Non-Halal products such as pork burger, beer and liquor. We cannot get these things in Malaysia 7-Eleven.
What you cannot get in Malaysia 7-Eleven outlets?
It is the fast food. Danok 7-Eleven outlets sell fast foods such as sausage, burger, rice, hotdog and so on. After you order, the cashier will prepare the food for you. Then you have to serve yourself (Self-service) to add the vegetable, tomato, mayonnaise, and chili sauce to your food. And yes, it is cheap and delicious!

You can use Malaysia Ringgit in Danok 7-Eleven outlets. The cashiers will help you to convert the currency. For example, you buy a $180(Thai) drink, it is around RM1.80, then you can pay the cashier RM2.00. Remember, you do not need to wait for the RM0.20 change. It is a part of service charge even you buy something cost RM1.50.
Some outlets will charge extra RM1.00 if you buy something cost 100.00 Thai Bath and paying 10.00 Malaysia Ringgit!
If you don’t want to use Malaysia Ringgit, then you have to visit Money changer to convert your currency.

How to go?
Very simple! After you pass the Malaysia-Thailand Kastam and reach Danok, then you can see many 7-Eleven outlets around that area. If I’m not mistaken, there are over five 7-Eleven outlets in the Danok town area. Don’t ask me why, I also don’t know… ^ ^
So, if the foods you want have run out of stock, then you can leave and go to another outlet to get it.


  1. I heard that Thai 7E hide cigarette in one close shelf. I mean not like Malaysia 7E display all type of cigarette in glass shelf that visible for everyone to see. Thai 7E do care about their youth. :D
    Just my cheap opinion.

  2. Oh ya... I just realize! There is no rack for Cigarette behind the cashier! Msia 7-Eleven got it and the rack is used for store some merchandise too!