Nov 11, 2010

Thailand’s McDonald's

I’m Lovin It – a very familiar slogan for everyone! Yea! That’s McDonald’s!
I have visited McDonald’s at Hatyai, Thailand few months ago. I couldn’t see any McDonald’s in Danok, so I think it is nearest Thai McDonald’s from Malaysia. Due to the demographic and cultural difference, the Thai McDonald’s has been modified to suite to the local market, same goes to China McDonald’s, and McDonald’s in other countries.

What are the differences?
There are many differences between McDonald’s in Thailand and Malaysia. For example: the menu is different, using Thai and English language. The chili sauce is Thai Chili, color is more transparent. The McFlurry Cup is smaller compared to Malaysia. The shape and packaging design of drink container is different too.

McDonald’s has some same foods with McDonald’s in Malaysia and other countries. However, there are also some set meals which we can’t get it in Malaysia expect during festival or promotion period. And, these are Double Filet Set, Double Cheese Burger and Double Big Mac. Big Mac is big enough for one person, I can’t imagine how big the Double Big Mac is! Besides that, the McSpicy Chicken Burger is actually the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe in Malaysia.

Since it is Non-Halal, Thai McDonald’s sells Pork. There is a burger called Samurai Pork Burger. For chinese and indian who eat pork, you can taste it there because it can’t be found in Malaysia.
There is no refill service for your drink. In Malaysia McDonald’s, we can request for refill after we finished our coke. However, in Thailand, you cannot request for drink refill. I tried once and I have been rejected by the server!

Have you heard about McCafe in Malaysia? I believe that most of Malaysian don’t know what is McCafe unless they visited it in oversea. I remember that McDonald’s shout that they want to fight Starbucks, now I understand how they try to penetrate the coffee café market.
McCafe is inside the McDonald’s outlet. The beverage menu in McCafe include Expresso Coffee, Hot Drinks, Iced Drinks and Blended Coffee. I have tried Blended Chocolate Frappe, and the quality is as good as what can be made by the Starbucks Coffee. Hence, you can choose coffee beverage instead coke in your McDonald’s set meal.
McCafe also sells bread and cakes. So if you don’t want to eat McDonald’s set meal, you can try the cakes in McCafe. 

How to go?
This Thai McDonald’s outlet is located in Hatyai. Hence, once you reach Hatyai, find a tut-tut car and ask them to send you to Lee Garden Shopping Mall. (I’m not sure with the spelling, but the sound is Lee or Li.) The McDonald’s outlet is in the ground floor. Once you reach Lee Garden Shopping Mall, I’m sure that you can see the McDolands signboard.
There is another option. You can try to ask the people around “Where is Lee Garden?” (I’m not sure with the spelling, but the sound is Lee or Li.) Then, walk to Lee Garden after you get the direction! Good luck…

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