Oct 6, 2010

When Minister of Higher Education Visited UUM

When Minister of Higher Education visiting UUM last two weeks, "some people" were working hard to welcome him! 

Make him happy, asking international students from different countries and some important students to welcome him with their local culture and attire, and having meal together! 

Everyone shake hand with him and say "Welcome to UUM"..

No one dare to speak about UUM problem to him when met him there, trying to find the solution together!

(Maybe students need to protect themselves from being punished)

Then it ended up with Minister of Higher Education is happy with UUM, happy with the welcoming meal!

He thought UUM is a very good University, full of international culture, UUM students are living in a very good environment and never see the dark side of it!

As a undergraduates, I think we should do something which really make effective improvement!

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