Nov 2, 2010

Water View Restaurant (Danok, Thailand)

If you go Danok (Thailand), these are the places you can visit for dinner!
1. Water View Restaurant
2. Krua Kung Pao Steambaot Buffet
3. Good View Restaurant
4. Thailand 7-Eleven Outlets
5. KFC

Water View Restaurant
It is not located at Danok town area, it is near to jungle. To visit Water View restaurant, you need transportation like Tut-Tut Car! Of course you(Malaysian) need passport or boarder pass to enter Thailand.

So what is so special with Water View Restaurant? 
The answer is ---- The Environment

Enjoying Thai seafood dinner beside a beautiful lake, this is what they can give you, their foods (Non-Halal) are delicious too. (Non-Halal)

Water View Restaurant provides you Thai cooking style seafood. It is a good place for you to enjoy the original taste of Thailand seafood. And, I recommend you to order Tomyam Seafood. The Tomyam soup taste good.

Besides that, the way they deliver the foods is quite interesting. They are using BOAT! Normally your dining table is beside the lake. After you order the foods, they will drive the boat and cross over the laketo your dining table. Then, a waiter or waitress will take the foods from the boat to you!
If you don’t want to eat, you can have a drink there.
There is a little café near to their entrance. The café environment is using Thai village design. It is a part of Water View Restaurant too. You can enjoy coffee or ice-cream desserts in their café. It is not located beside the lake, but the view still nice, viewing the Thailand Village (photo below). 

So, how to get there?
There are three options for Malaysians:

Once you reach Danok, find a Tut-Tut Car. Then ask them to send you to Water View Restaurant. Deal with the driver, the fee for two ways should be around RM50-RM80 per Tut-tut Car! Each Tut-tut Car can fetch maximum 10 people.

If you have 10 people in a group, you can call the Water View Restaurant. They can send a van to fetch you. It is FREE. Then, how about 8 or 9 people? Don’t worry! You still can call their van. They will give you cheaper price compared to Tut-Tut Car.
The contact no. are 081-7487410 or 087-1295708 or 084-8563292. All are Thailand phone lines.

Drive your own transport to Water View Restaurant if you know the way.

Oh ya… Remember to bring along your camera! You can shoot photograph for your interesting moment there!

There is an interesting question! People always ask : Where is Danok?
Danok is located at South Thailand. Using North-South Highway, move to north until the end! Right after you pass Malaysia-Thailand Kastam, the place is Danok. Malaysians need passport or boader pass in order to go to Thailand. 

If you still don't know, I think Google Maps can help you!

I’ll talk about other places in Danok on my next post! Stay tuned… ^ ^


  1. Hi Ray,
    Have you been to the next restaurant called Good View? You will be amazed with the food , the price and the blissfulness of the ambient. I have been to both but I never forget Good View. Every single plant and colorful shrubs is planted by the restaurant workers themselves. The price is also half of the other.

    1. Hi ,where is Good view restaurant.Planning to go next week with family.Thanks

  2. Hi Pak Soo,

    Too bad, I never been there!
    Will make a visit if I go to the north...

    Thank you for the information! :)

  3. Can I have the GPS coordinate of Waterview Restaurent?

  4. Sorry James, I failed to get the GPS coordination there! But if you reach Danok, everyone there should know Water View restaurant, not hard to get there!

  5. Hi Ray Beh,

    Been reading ur post about Waterview restaurant.. I've been twice to this restaurant. They claimed they served a halal food. Do they serve pork also??

    sob sob sob... i'm a muslim...*pengsan*

  6. Last week i go.Non Halal sob sob..

  7. Any good place for massage at Danok ?

  8. you must remember thia the charges are a bit expensive then the others but the food is good

  9. this place is a non muslim resturant , if you want a real good massage non hanky panky go to opposite the oliver hotel staright to the main street turn to your left next to a muslim resturant, i have been there several time but foggoten the name.

  10. if you good muslim resturant, go to the malay kitchen on the main road opposite the oliver hotel

  11. Dear muslim friends, Water View Restaurant serves pork, so I think they are non-halal restaurant.

  12. What is the business hour? Can I go around 3pm Thai?

  13. May I know , they open daily ?

  14. Ohh soo sad it non halal restaurant...

  15. Ohh soo sad it non halal restaurant...