Nov 16, 2010

Ferringhi Garden (Penang)

Thanks to my girl friend, Tiffany Lo. During my 23rd Birthday, she brought me to Ferringhi Garden, having dinner together. It was a little birthday celebration for me.

Ferringhi Garden – Malaysia Cuisine, Seafood and Steak, has been awarded the cleanest and most pleasant restaurant in Penang. The environment is super good, using the natural plant as decoration, using wooden design for the building, and playing soft music. It creates a nature environment for the customers, giving them a feeling of enjoying meal in the pretty jungle.

In this high standard of environment, the foods and beverage are not really expansive, I think that it is standard with their nature garden environment. Depends on what you order, for example, a pasta and a fish&chip, it cost around RM25.00 and RM35.00 respectively and it is big enough for one person.

How to go?
Ferringhi Restaurant is near to Batu Ferringhi Beach. If you know The Ship and Park Royal Hotel, you can find Ferringi Garden too.
If you come from Gurney Drive, find the way to Batu Ferringhi. When you pass Batu Ferringhi , look for The Ship (A big ship restaurant on your right). Ferringhi Garden is 500m ahead. They have a signboard, it would be helpful for you.
There is a car park behind Ferringhi Garden. It is only for their customers.
*Early reservation has to be made.
Tel: 604-881 1193
Fax: 604-881 1195

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