Nov 19, 2010

China's No.1 Billionaire Philanthropist

Name: Chen Guang Biao
Nett Worth: 5 Billion Yuan
Source: Recycling, Construction Waste
Company: Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources Utilisation Ltd
Position: President
Donated: 1.3 Billion Yuan

Chen Guangbiao, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, and a very good role model for entrepreneurs. He likes to help the needy community and concern very much about the environmental problems. He said that he is willing to donate all of his wealth to charity funds in China when he dies. Besides that, he has also persuaded more than 100 entrepreneurs to donate all their personal wealth.

Watch the following interview session with Chen Guangbiao and you will know more about him.
Interview Session - Part 1 (English Sub.)

Interview Session - Part 2  (English Sub.)

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