Nov 29, 2010

Why I Love Universiti Utara Malaysia

Universiti Utara Malaysia is an interesting university! Why? See the pictures and you will understand! 

When Ultraman standing behind Dewan MAS

Should play movies during semester break

Kamen Rider visiting Chancellory

Ip Man 3?

Legend of the Fist: Return of Chen Zhen (to UUM)

Who am I? I'm UUM Spiderman

The scene in Transformer 4: Transforming University

Hopefully this will not happen

Kitty at EDC Hotel

Sometimes can listen to Barack Obama's speech

Pikachu is on Chancellory

Now I think I will miss my university always after graduate... ^ ^
Do share it with your UUM friends!


  1. interesting!!
    i love spiderman the most! haha
    grey tone..ada feel tu~

  2. Haha... thanks! I like it too... ^ ^

  3. hahahaha i like~~ nice editting!!

  4. me too.. spiderman in uum!! great man.. haha

  5. BEst la u edit!!! i ske sgt3x

  6. very unique n creative lo..nice,cute..goin to miss uum lo..(yura)

  7. this!I found this blog accidentally when I typed the keyword "dewan mas". I didn't expect to find this...very funny..
    I love UUM too..nice share :)