Nov 25, 2010

Canon vs Nikon (Buying DSLR)

Using DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera) is a recent trend and causing many people want to own one and taking good picture. When beginners want to buy DSLR, they ask: Which brand I should buy? Canon or Nikon?

Personally, I have faced this question for many times. This is not a good question when we want to buy DSLR, so my answer is “No Answer”. Both of them are good and have their own competitive advantage. Today Canon and Nikon battle for the top spot in the SLR market, while Olympus, Pentax and Sony duke it out for a position in third.

Of course we know that the purpose of buying DSLR is taking picture, but the question is what kind of picture you like?

Some people like to take picture outdoor (vacation or landscape), some people like to shoot models (portrait) and some people like to take photo indoor (events or wedding). The choice of DLSR should be suite to type of photo you like. And, the lens and flash (speed light) will affect your picture output too. There are many genre of photography such as Portraits, Candid, Street, Landscape, Sports, Nature, Travel, Wedding, Events, Stage, Food, Product, Macro and so on. Hence, understand the type of picture you like is essential before buying DSLR.

A good question when you want to buy DLSR should be: “I like to take XXX pictures, which model I should buy?instead ofI want to take good picture, which brand I should buy?
Oh ya... you need to deal with your budget too!

I understand that people want to know about the differences between Canon vs. Nikon. My tip is don’t ask the DSLR beginners and the camera promoters to differentiate the brands for you. You should listen to the professional photographers who have tried both brands and discover photography for many years (at least 5 years).  Only these photographers have the experience and eligible to talk about the review.

I’ve found some good reviews from experienced photographers for Canon and Nikon. They have tried both and their reviews are useful for people who want to know about the Nikon DLSR and Canon DSLR.
*Must compare same level of different brand DSLR, eg: Entry level, Amatuer DSLR, Semi-Pro DSLR, else, you won't get a accurate comparison result! 

These are the links:

According to Willy Foo (Technopreneur, Photographer, Marketer) from Singapore, Nikon DSLR have better flash control, vibrant colors and well designed body. Canon DSLR have better Pro lens like TS-E lenses and more natural colors.

So, if you are interested (now or in the future) of taking a lot of photos using flash instead of natural light, then go with Nikon. Nikon has done a great deal of work to ensure that their cameras communicate well with their flashes - something Nikon calls the "Creative Lighting System" or CLS for short. However, everyone has their own preference on both brands.

Every Photographer Must Believe
Finally, no matter what brand & camera you are using, remember that every camera can take good picture, it depends on how you utilize your the camera, your creativity, the environment and so on. Think creatively, you can take good picture even with a iPhone camera or digital camera.

I will write about the setting of DSLR in my next post. Stay tuned…

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  1. I chose Canon 60D because I'm more familiar about using Canon DSLR. I've been practicing digital photography since I was in sophomore years. I'm borrowing my friend's Canon DSLR, and he's the one teaching me about using it. I'm so lucky because my mom bought it in affordable price. Thank God there are consumer loyalty programs.