Nov 9, 2010

COB Practicum Briefing (UPDATED)

These information are only applicable to following courses: B.Mktg, B.Ent, BBA, BBA (Logistic & Trans), BMA,  BIBM, B.Tech.Mgt, and B.Oper.Mgt!

Thanks to Brian for giving me update. These information are applicable for the following courses too: BHRM, BBank, BFin, BRMI, BIFB, BAcct.IS, and BAcct!

First of all, there is something you should know about the new name of UIL. The name of UIL (Centre of University-Industry Link) has been changed to CUIC (Centre for University Industry Collaboration).

Important Dates for Practicum Session A101: 
Report Duty Date:
1. 20/12/2010 – 19/4/2011 (4 months Practicum)
2. 20/12/2010 – 19/6/2011 (6 months Practicum)
Report Submission Date:
1. 3/5/2011 (4 months Practicum)
2. 3/7/2011 (6 months Practicum)

Once you start the practicum in the company, you have to submit the report form. It has to be mail or fax to Pn. Salina Ali one week from date of registration which is 20/12/2010 – 3/1/2011.
The address is Student Department & Alumni Office, FWB Building, COB. However, the fax number is 04-9286406. Please be aware to send it to the right person who is Pn. Salina Ali. If it is not submitted, mark will be deducted.

The Evaluation of Practicum
The evaluation of the undergraduates’ practicum consists of employer’s report (20%), UUM Supervisor (20%) and Final Report (60%).

The 20% of employer’s report will be judged based on work discipline, ability to critical analysis, leadership, skills, physical personality traits.

The evaluation by UUM lecturer will be based on Log Book, Attendance, Student’s Characteristics, Student’s General Knowledge. And, the 20% of UUM Supervisor evaluation will be divided to log book contents (10%) and attendance (10%).

Regarding to Employer's Report, please make sure that it reach to your Practicum supervisor! There are two options:
1. Fax to your Practicum supervisor (Attention to your practicum supervisor). Fax Number: 04-928 6406
2. Submit by yourself (Put it in envelope and seal it).

Please be aware with the Employer’s Confidential Form too. After downloading it, remember to fill in your personal details and your practicum lecturer details. Because it has to be send to your practicum lecturer but not the practicum coordinator, so the details of your lecturer is very important to make sure it is sent to the right person.

Important Reminders for Practicum Undergraduates
- Buy log book at CUIC and read the regulation inside the log book.
- Write on the log book everyday and neatly.
- Contact CUIC for any problems during practicum.
- Check email and portal from time to time.
- Download related forms from CUIC website. The session of Practicum starting from December 2010 is A101.
- You are not allowed to apply any leave & holiday except you have M.C from government hospital.
- Introduce yourself to your practicum lecturer in UUM before the practicum starts.

Attention to BAcct.IS and BAcct Students 
The Final Report is in different format compared with other courses. Remember to meet your practicum report supervisors for more clarification. And, the report cover must be Light blue plain paper and comb binding.
Important Dates:
Report Proposal - Send before or on 20 February 2011 by E-mail to your Practicum Supervisor.
Progress Report - Send before or on 24 April 2011.
Final Report - Send on 03 July 2011.
- Apply "Tidak Lengkap" Status on 03 July 2011 - 04 August 2011
- Apply "Tidak Lengkap 2" Status on 04 August 2011 - 04 September 2011
*Information above are contributed by Brian Fernandes, UUM BAcct.IS student.

To download the related forms and documents, please visit CUIC website. Go to downloads and then find forms (Students). 
The CUIC web address is
Telephone No: 04-928 5193, 04-928 5194
Fax No: 04-928 5760

*Practicum Lecturer = Practicum Supervisor (Search it in your Portal)
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The review of Practicum Report Syllabus for B.Ent and BBA soon! Stay tuned...

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