Aug 10, 2010

Innovation in Entrepreneurship Seminar

Joined the Innovation in Entrepreneurship Seminar, jointly organized by Alpha Catalyst Consulting, CEDI UUM, SIFE UUM last two night, it was a awesome experience to be more innovative...

Azim Pawanchik, the founder and principal consultant of Alpha Catalyst Consulting who has consulted large companies like DIGI, Bank Rakyat, Astro and so on! He has given a good guideline about how to innovate and sharing the innovation around the world!

Michael Teoh, Co-founder of Youth Entrepreneur Malaysia, has inspired the audience to be an innovative students! Sharing a lot of his experience to become an innovative and successful person!

Besides that, Azim has take the opportunities to introduce an awesome innovation competition to UUM students, 1 Malaysia Innovation Tournament which is an online innovation competition designed for Malaysian University/College/Polytechnic students in conjunction with Malaysia's Year of Creativity and Innovation. For more information, please visit

I have learned a lot in this seminar, and it's time to share it here!

What is innovation? In a simple description, Innovation is the change that creates values.

There are 4 steps to innovate which are
1. Conception: Clarify objectives, needs & constraints
2. Creation: Create a portfolio of breakthrough ideas; prototype.
3. Conversion: Review the original objective and then choose the best idea and execute it. Seek feedback from the end-user.
4. Connection: Connect your solution to the customers/community to generate value.

To learn more about innovating, you can visit ...

All the committee members and UUM SIFErs have done a great job! Congratulation! Me myself, 1st time being ex-officio for this seminar, I've given some advices to the committee members on how to organize this seminar! It is a great experience for me and the committee members!

Soon, I ll team up with Soyin and Chinyin to take challenge in 1MIT! I hope that there are more teams from UUM and lets be INNOVATIVE in our life!

Graphic Design with Adobe Softwares

The 2nd week of the "Graphic Design with Adobe Softwares" training organized by Sogo Studio Designers Community!

I've shared the skills of Adobe Illustrator for 2 training classes which consist of basic tools like Shape, Selection, Color, Direction Selection, Type....

We are having 3rd class next week, and it is the last training class for Adobe Illustrator!

The lesson is getting more challenging, will teach pen tool and effect on next class, hopefully the participants are able to catch up!

Moving on, the Adobe Photoshop training, participants will be explored to basic photo editing, drawing through Photoshop, combination of softwares and so on ...

Finally, thanks to Alex Chee, Soyin, Kelvin Khaw for being helpers in the training & assist the participants to learn effectively. And, do join Sogo Studio Designers Community in facebook to get more updates and the resources for your design inspiration...

Aug 1, 2010

Learning Japanese...

I have learned Japanese language for many months! It was from last semester, started from level 1! This semester, I'm moving to the next level, Level 2!

My lecturer, "Mizoi Sensei" from Japan has given us very good lesson in the class!
(Mizoi is the name, Sensei means teacher in Japanese)

During level 1, the class has been tought with Hiragana, the basic set of Japanese characters! Now, it is level two, we continue to learn the Katagana, another set of Japanese characters!

Memorizing the sounds, writing, and reading...
a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, ku, ke, ko... and so on...
It is not easy, but really enjoy to learn it...

And there are some greeting words which should be learned by everyone...

Good Morning : O-Ha-Yo-Go-Zai-Ma-Su
(MA-SU can be read as MAS)

Good Afternoon: Kon-Ni-Chi-Wa

Good Evening: Kon-Ban-Wa

Good Night: O-Ya-Su-Mi-Na-Sai

How are you: Gen-Ki-De-Su-Ka
(DE-SU can be read as DES)

I'm fine: Gen-Ki-De-Su
(DE-SU can be read as DES)

To introduce yourself:
Wa-Ta-Shi-Wa- "your name" - de-su

They are easy to learn, so everyone can practice the simple one... ^ ^