Aug 1, 2010

Learning Japanese...

I have learned Japanese language for many months! It was from last semester, started from level 1! This semester, I'm moving to the next level, Level 2!

My lecturer, "Mizoi Sensei" from Japan has given us very good lesson in the class!
(Mizoi is the name, Sensei means teacher in Japanese)

During level 1, the class has been tought with Hiragana, the basic set of Japanese characters! Now, it is level two, we continue to learn the Katagana, another set of Japanese characters!

Memorizing the sounds, writing, and reading...
a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, ku, ke, ko... and so on...
It is not easy, but really enjoy to learn it...

And there are some greeting words which should be learned by everyone...

Good Morning : O-Ha-Yo-Go-Zai-Ma-Su
(MA-SU can be read as MAS)

Good Afternoon: Kon-Ni-Chi-Wa

Good Evening: Kon-Ban-Wa

Good Night: O-Ya-Su-Mi-Na-Sai

How are you: Gen-Ki-De-Su-Ka
(DE-SU can be read as DES)

I'm fine: Gen-Ki-De-Su
(DE-SU can be read as DES)

To introduce yourself:
Wa-Ta-Shi-Wa- "your name" - de-su

They are easy to learn, so everyone can practice the simple one... ^ ^

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