Jul 23, 2010

Sogo Studio Designers Community

Created Sogo Studio Designers Community in facebook fan page! What should I choose for the page address? If I used facebook.com/sogostudiodesignerscommunity, it is too long and may cause spelling error on the designer"s"community! Finally, I decided to use facebook.com/sogostudiodc!

So, what is Sogo Studio Designers Community?

Sogo Studio Designers Community is powered by Sogo Studio Webs & Graphic Design and it is a part of Sogo Studio Series! It aims to connect creative and innovative talents in multimedia field such as graphic designers, website designers, photographers, interior designers, entrepreneurs and marketers, programmers and the industry as well. Everyone can exhibit the art works in this community, providing design tips and tutorials as well as discussion about design in the world. It also provides extensive downloadable resources including digital art, flash, stock photo and more that can be used for creative design. It is contributing to the development of young designers!

I hope that it will be a useful resources for all interested people!

Lastly, I would like to invite everyone to join Sogo Studio Designers Community at www.facebook.com/sogostudiodc

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