Dec 14, 2010

Photoshop Shortcuts For Beginners

Changing Workspace: Window Tab -> Workspace -> Basic or Legacy

Create New Document: Crtl + N

Zoom In: Ctrl + Space + Left Click

Zoom Out: Ctrl + Alt + Space + Left Click

Moving Art board (When Art board is zoom until larger than screen): Space + Left Click & Drag

Fit On Screen: Ctrl + 0

Viewing Actual Pixel: Ctrl + Alt + 0

Image Size: Ctrl + Alt + I

Canvas Size: Ctrl + Alt + C

Switching Foreground & Background Color: X

Move Tool: V

Type Tool: T

Create New Layer: Ctrl + Shift + N

Duplicate Layer: Ctrl + J

Delete Layer: Select Layer + Delete Button

Undo (Step Backward): Ctrl + Alt + Z

Redo (Step Forward): Ctrl + Shift + Z

Save As (New File / Other File Formats): Shift + Ctrl + S

Open Document: Ctrl + O

Let's practice it and make our photo editing and design more efficient!
Click here to download Adobe Photoshop CS3 Full Version Keyboard Shortcuts (PC)

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