Aug 10, 2010

Graphic Design with Adobe Softwares

The 2nd week of the "Graphic Design with Adobe Softwares" training organized by Sogo Studio Designers Community!

I've shared the skills of Adobe Illustrator for 2 training classes which consist of basic tools like Shape, Selection, Color, Direction Selection, Type....

We are having 3rd class next week, and it is the last training class for Adobe Illustrator!

The lesson is getting more challenging, will teach pen tool and effect on next class, hopefully the participants are able to catch up!

Moving on, the Adobe Photoshop training, participants will be explored to basic photo editing, drawing through Photoshop, combination of softwares and so on ...

Finally, thanks to Alex Chee, Soyin, Kelvin Khaw for being helpers in the training & assist the participants to learn effectively. And, do join Sogo Studio Designers Community in facebook to get more updates and the resources for your design inspiration...

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