Sep 28, 2010

Nelson's Cafe in Universiti Utara Malaysia

I’m taking Franchising Business subject this semester! And, recently I and my group members are doing an assignment regarding to franchise business.

We have to visit one of the franchisee, interview him or her and prepare a report for our lecturer.

We have chosen Nelson’s Café in Universiti Utara Malaysia. Before Hari Raya, we interviewed the franchisee of Nelson’s Café in UUM, Mr. Ooi Ghee Keong.

I believe that many students can’t have their meal in Nelson’s Café after Hari Raya holidays; some people don’t know why they have closed down for many days! Since we’ve interviewed them, so we get to know that their tender contract (2007-2010) of the location in UUM has expired. As a result, they have to stop Nelson’s Café business.

It is a favorite café for some students, for meeting, for group discussion, for gathering and so on! And, now we have no chance to enjoy the foods and beverage served by Nelson’s Café in UUM!

To let more people know more about the history Nelson’s Café in UUM and Nelson’s in Malaysia, I have uploaded my presentation slide to share with everyone!

Nelson’s Corporate Video


  1. it's sad to know that they're outta business in UUM. Hopefully they'll be back or is replaced by some equivalent restaurants!

  2. hehe.. dropped by ~ from blog fest asia too ~ XD