May 29, 2011

My Experience with SONY Cyber-shot

2006 -the year I started to touch Digital photography, it was started with SONY Cyber-shot, DSC-S600! It was an amazing 1st time experience when we could use a camera device to take pictures and view the output instantly, even delete the unwanted picture by just one click.

Form 6 life and BBQ like kampung kia

From 2006 until 2008, it has helped me to take a lot of nice pictures, keeping many nice memories during Form 6 and the first year in University such as school mate gathering pictures, vacations pictures and so on.
Besides that, during the vacation to Pulau Langkawi (2008), a good friend of mine, r Zhe was using SONY Cyber-shot too. He was using DSC-T50 Model. It was great to have a partner using SONY Cyber-shot as we could discuss about the features and digital photography together!

1st year in UUM: 2 vacations to Cameron Highland and Pulau Langkawi

During 2009, my university roommate, Kok Seng bought a new SONY Cyber-shot, T2! This is a cool device with slim camera body, touch screen, and build in software function.
I borrowed his camera few times, taking a lot of activity pictures especially SIFE UUM events.

2nd year in UUM: Founded SIFE UUM together with my aspiring teammates

In the same year, my girlfriend’s sister bought a SONY Cyber-shot, DSC S-750! And, I used to play with it always as my girlfriend bringing it together when we have dating. This device has taken many nice pictures for me and my girlfriend.

Life with Tiffany Lo

I had a great experience with SONY Cyber-shot along my life, even today I’m using SONY DSLR Alpha-200 model! 
I’m proud to say that 99% of the digital images in my computer were taken by SONY Cyber-shot and SONY Alpha, and always have some great times browsing those nice memories!

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