Nov 23, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Attend TEDxGurneyDrive 2012

Written by Teh Teng Yew, Curator of TEDxGurneyDrive

December 9th, 2012, will be Penang’s inaugural TEDx. Plus, TEDxGurneyDrive will be limit the event to an audience size of 100 and it will be great to list out 10 reasons that people should apply to attend this year.

1. Amazing Presenters: Learn how to break the tradition from a master student on wheelchair. Engagement with the unlimited thoughts and ideas of “make love, not porn” from Cindy Gallop. Listen to a doctor who focusing on dying people with cancer. Follow a guy who is hosting an annual festival to spread cultural like George Town Festival. Plus, there are more brilliant visions and experience presenters to come.

2. Connecting the Dots: An opportunity to understand how the small community such as Penang shapes our lives here. Plus, we’re fortunate to host with an artistic venue like Penang Performing Arts Centre.

3. Interactivity: Half-day event networking and interactivity engagement. You’ll have the opportunity to meet active members of the regional community, allowing you to collaborate for a better future and connect.

4. Inspiration: TEDx participation to empower, inspire, and charge our community by sharing great ideas but inject your brain with something other than the economy, business and politics.

5. Out of the Box: A chance to participate in a worldwide event on a local level. Global reach.

6. We’re not Robbers: TEDxGurneyDrive is organizing by yearly and you could get online passes for an affordable 45 Ringgit Malaysia and of course, we’re welcoming anyone active to attend.

7. “Ideas worth Spreading”: Anyone from the conference comes with ideas, stories and emotions to tell and out of the box to eventually bring a change to it. Thinking big.

8. Have you met a TED speaker?: TEDxGurneyDrive provides an awesome opportunity for you to interact with a TED speaker and people who’ve made change happen. Can you Gallop?

9. We will feed you: TEDx conference needs a break; one of the TEDx rules of organising a TEDx conference is providing awesome food and energy.

10. The theme: It is a gathering or movement for messagers, dreamers, connectors, mind shifters and others to devoted “Be All You Can Be”. The theme of this event is all about be daring and get back your inner courage in order to be creative and think outside the box. Call for Action.

TEDxGurneyDrive 2012 will be takes place on Penang Performing Arts Centre at 9 December, 9am to 3pm.

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